Whilst many people are switching to streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Now and others for watching videos, most of the people still download contents from peer to peer services, and for that a torrent app is a must. Where once a couple of well-known apps dominated this particular corner of Play Store, there are now numerous choices to look at. While most of them are useless as ever, there are some torrent apps that you can try. So here’s a list of top 10 torrent apps for Android worth looking into.

Top 10 Torrent Apps for Android

  1. µTorrentutorrent Android

µTorrent has had an optimistic reputation with torrent users for years. It’s one of the most popular of its type because of its simple, non-bloated but functional interface. The interface allows you to quickly manage and view your torrent downloads, choose storage location, and WiFi only mode.

  1. BitTorrentBitTorrent Android

BitTorrent is may be the biggest name in torrents downloading. It runs on ‘torrent core’ that allows improved connection between you and the other peers. The interface is inspired by Material Design, and you can also find lots of music and other files, that are actually legal for downloading.

  1. aTorrentaTorrent Android

It is lot similar to µTorrent. It supports various features of µTorrent, including choosing storage location, WiFi only mode, and more. aTorrent also includes a widget so that you can check download stats from home screen.

  1. CatTorrentCatTorrent Android

CatTorrent is one of minimal torrent apps. It has a Holo inspired, simple user interface. You will be able to download using torrent files as well as magnet links with this app. It also supports, WiFi only mode, DTH, and changing storage location. Though it’s not featured loaded like others, the free version of CatTorrent is ad-free unlike other torrent apps.

  1. FludFlud Android

It is one of those apps which strikes all the chords right. It’s clubbed with tons of features which you don’t find in other torrent apps. Like BitTorrent, this one is also swathed in Material Design and might be the best looking torrent app.

  1. TorrnadoTorrnado Android

Torrnado is a bit different than all others. Instead of downloading any torrent file, it just allows you to connect to your PC so you can view downloading there. It works with cross platform app transmission and works on server set ups as well as computers.

  1. FrostWireFrostWire Android

It is an open source application which includes a torrent search. You can use both magnet links and torrent files. FrostWire also features a built in media browser and music player. It is tad bloated, but still the features are generally useful.

  1. zetaTorrentZetaTorrent

zetaTorrent includes one of the most unique features like built-in browser, DTH, Peer exchange, uTP, local peer discovery, and more. The paid version includes even more features such as proxy support, and IP filter.

  1. VuzeVuze Android

Vuze is a very popular torrent app for computer. The Android version is pretty good as well. You can download torrents, change their locations, and even control the upload and download speed. You’ll also be able to switch to WiFi only mode, and get notifications when torrent is finished downloading.

  1. TransdromeTransdrome Android

Finally the last, Transdrome is another great torrent app that will allow you to manage torrent on home server or your seed box. It works pretty well and should be compatible with other torrent clients. It is justly basic but potent enough to do the job.

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