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Are you a lazy person? Is your worst part of the day is to get out of the bed in the morning? Dude, you need some motivation. I have a suggestion for you. Find out a hardcore motivational song and make it your alarm tone. How? It’s easy! Choose any one of the audio editing apps mentioned here and make your own alarm tone. Similarly, you can make your own customized ringtone, message tone, etc. These apps allow you to edit your favorite songs, audio and even your own recorded voice!

Audio Editing Apps for Android


MP3 Cutter

This is one of the most used applications in Android. This is because it has a simple interface. Its easy to use and has been there in the market for quite a long time. You can merge and trim the audio files with this app.

Media Converter

You can use different file formats with this audio editing app. Convert your media files from MP4, WAV, 3GP formats to mp3 format. Start editing your files with trimming and merging operations. Create soothing melodies or a hard rock track.

Pocket Band Pro

This is the most rated app on app stores. Pocket Band Pro enjoys fame because of its numerous unique features. You can create different types of tracks by mixing like loops, drums, synths, samplers, etc. You can create your own music and launch your own compositions with Pocket Band Pro editing app.


Got bored of your default ringtones in your mobile phone? You can now create your own customized ringtones, message tones, alarm tones and other types of notification tones. Choose a funny song for your childhood friend or a romantic composition for your partner. ZeoRing app allows you to do with an easy interface.

Audio Evolution

With an impressive rating of 4.5, this high end application is a must try for everyone. You can play with multi tracks or try out recording a musical sequence. This app will surely bring an evolution in the audio editing industry.

Walk Band

This is an app which allows to add original instruments sounds. Its just like assembling your own band crew members like a guitarist, drummer, pianist, etc. Prerecorded instruments sounds can be used to customize your own audio files.

Ringtone Maker

This is similar to the ZeoRing app which lets you create ringtones and hello tunes, alarm and message tones, and other interesting notification sounds. Moreover, it helps you in adjusting volume, frequency, etc.

Audio Editor

It is a multi purpose app for audio extraction and audio conversion. You can convert a MP3 track into a ringtone of your contact. You can extract a length of music from a particular song. In this way, you can create unlimited ringtones as per your mood.

MP3 Cutter and Merger

This app is a little different from the MP3 Cutter. Apart from MP3 cutting, you can also merge whole songs or portion of two songs to create your own melody or ringtone.

Music Maker Jam

Last but not the least, this app deserves a special mention. It has predefined music samples which can be used according to your preference. Moreover, you can record your vocals on this app and come up with a distinct symphony.

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