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Top 5 Apps To Help You Make Money While Travelling

Travelling is an expensive thing when you have not planned well before hand. But if you can earn through your travel trip, it would be more fun and you can explore a lot more than you had planned. There are certain top 5 apps through which you can make money while travelling. Of course they don’t make you rich, but can help you earn money for your upcoming travel days.

Top 5 apps to help you make money while travelling


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If you are an avid photographer and can take up some nice pictures and willing to share them or simply to say, sell them, then this can be a greatly helpful to you. Using Foap you can sell your photographs to some big brands like Garnier, Candy Crush Saga, Volvo, Axe and many more. They use these photographs for digital marketing their products.

You can upload your photographs with the help of your smartphone directly. If any brand chose it and they are willing to pay you $5 for each photograph. You can sell the same photograph to any number of customers. You will be given credit to the photograph even.

This app has a feature named “Mission”, where you can upload pictures based on the suggested tag lines. If you are a winner, you can get $100. It will be copy-write and you will be given credit for the same.


Top 5- Roadie

Roadie is a platform connecting road trippers with localities, who are in need of help. Road trippers deliver the goods or services based on the gigs they get without the need of bidding. If they are willing to offer the service they can directly talk to the service receiver and can help them for some amount both are agreed upon.

It will be more helpful, when you forgot your keys, valuables, or pets or something on the way to your office or work place from home. You no need to hurry back to your home in search of them. You can find road trippers along the way. Based on what you offer and their willingness to the offer you can get their service.

They charge from $8 to $50 based on certain reasons. It will be of more help when you go the same way. You can save on your fuel.

Swagbucks Watch (TV)

top 5- swagbucks
earn money while travelling

Travelling is much waiting. Instead of simply scrolling through your Facebook or twitter, you can watch swagbucks. You will be paid for watching the short videos or movie trailers in “SB” form. After reaching certain SB points you can redeem them as gift cards from Amazon or PayPal transfer or similar kind.

Though it is slow earning way, you can simply add them to background and can enjoy your boring waiting time. Eventually you can save some swag bucks, SB instead sitting idle or chitchatting with the co-passengers.


top 5-airmule
Earn money while travelling-Airmule

Airmule is one such concept which allows you to sell you extra baggage space, if you have lucky enough space while on air travel. If anything wanted to be shipped for the same places where you are heading to and luckily you have enough space for the same, you will be paid for using your baggage space.

You will receive 80% of the sender’s fee. If the departure is within next 48 hours or you can pick up a package, then it’s an added advantage, you will be paid more than usual.

Field Agent

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Field Agent can be a great excuse if you want to wander around the surroundings. Simple install the app and select the location of the place and find gigs near your location. Based on the work you will be paid from $2 to $12 on hourly basis.

Companies which are in search of work related to on-the-ground market research will hire you. You will be paid to your PayPal account through the currency of the gigs located. Based on international tax law, adding more countries and currencies can lead to trouble. Get help of local financial before proceeding with this to avoid unnecessary complications.

These are top 5 apps which can help you earn money while on travel. These will help you earn money for your travel expenses but doesn’t earn you excess income. Try using any or all of these which helps you the most. Happy Travelling!