The easiest job on earth is to start a blog but the hardest job is maintaining it. It’s because blogging requires Patience and most people don’t have that. There are just so many blogger problems related to it that most of the people just quit after a while.

But there ae many who keeps going on despite these problems and one day become great bloggers. They are the people who don’t quit. So, I am discussing about the 5 common blogger problems to help new bloggers to get through and come out with flying colors in the end.

  1. No Focus on a niche

For attracting readers and especially new visitors to your blog, they need to see you as a specialist of a particular niche. Just look at all the great and famous bloggers. They concentrate and focus on a particular topic or maybe two niches at most.

Solution: You need to keep yourself focused on a particular niche and should devote yourself to that only.


  1. Next Topic

For those who don’t blog, it might seem like a no real problem. I mean, there are tons of ideas to discuss upon on any niche. So, what’s the problem?

The problem is that most bloggers don’t start blogging because they are passionate about it; but because it’s an easy source of income. And they end up choosing a more profitable or popular niche about which they have not much idea or detailed knowledge.

Solution: There are many tools and sites to help you generate topics for your blogs. You can give them a try. The best thing would be though is to start with something you like or have good knowledge about.


  1. Time
Blogger Problems solved
Timing is a major problem

Most of the bloggers are into blogging for part time only. And they are there just for easy money.

Time is one of the major blogging problems especially for students, employees etc. who have tedious jobs all day. And after all these chaos, they have to blog within the remaining time.

Solution: If you can, devote yourself entirely to blogging. If you can’t, make a calendar for yourself or take help of online tools to get organized and managing time.


  1. Money/Income
Blogger Problems solved
The Income Factor

Most of the bloggers start to apply for Adsense and other platforms after just 1 or 2 months. And many times, they get rejected (by Adsense) and quit blogging.

Solution: Have patience and give time to your blog posts before starting to think about income. Just concentrate on your contents and audience, as they are the one who generates income for you.


  1. Response

The main problem related to blogging. People want instant success and traffic at their blogs. When you start new, it is never easy to get and more importantly retain enough traffic to keep you going.

Solution: Maintain your content’s and post’s quality. Interact with your readers and followers. Have a strategic approach to blog promotion on social media and other platforms.

These are some of the basic blogger problems almost all new bloggers encounter. But if instead of getting overwhelmed by them, one start to encounter them, it becomes easier for you to survive out there.

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