If you are a tech lover, then these are things you would like to carry them and use them to make your work much easier with these things. These are top 8 tech items under Rs. 1000. Just have a look at them below.

Top 8 Tech Items Under Rs.1000 are listed below:

VR Head Set

google vr set

Google cardboard VR headset costs around Rs. 999. It has Leyva finished body and is compatible with 4.7 inches to 5.7 inches mobile phones. You can watch movies and of course, play games with this.

Kotion G4000 Gaming Headset

It comes with a mike which has LED. This comes with comfortable ear padding and built with big ear cup size which fits comfortably around the ear. Also, it has a bunch of convenient controls like changing the volume and mute buttons. It has a 7.2-foot cable (2.2 meters). This also contains a USB port which lights up the LED lights and two 3.5 mm stereo jacks each one separately for microphone and headphones. The output of the sound is good and the speaker is powered with 50 mm drivers with an impedance of 32 ohms and frequency ranges from 20 Hz – 20 KHz.

Yoky Tag


This is very helpful for the ones who always end up keeping their things in different places and waste so much of time in searching for those. It is a very smart tag which helps you in finding your smart phone or any other things that are connected to it through the Bluetooth low energy.

Keep connected the yoky with your phone through the Bluetooth. When you can’t find the phone, just shake the yoky. Your phone will ring and simply you can get it. Similarly, if you attach your keys with yoky and you lost the same, you can use your smart phone to find yoky. It is easy to track the device with your smart phone, as your phone turns red when it is being far from the phone and turns green when it is near the phone.

Transformable Robot Fan

Best suited for the working people around the desk. It is very simple and compatible to use and costs around just Rs. 550. If you remove the head of the robot, you can find a mini fan which blows you air for up to 2 hours. It comes with a USB cable which allows you to charge the device.

Smart Socket by MI


Using this smart socket you can connect your devices to charge and can control them remotely with your smart phone. You can set up auto timers, so as to not forget to turn it on or off when the device is not in use. It uses just 220 Volts and costs around Rs. 999.

Card Ninja Self Adhesive Card Wallet for SmartPhone

This self-adhesive card wallet can be stuck to your smart phone. As these days we use cards instead of carrying money, it is well suited for car carriers’. This comes in various designs and styles. Just pick up the one in your way and it really helps in carrying your cards along with your phone instead of carrying the wallet. Just you can pick up the phone and go out without the need of carrying an extra wallet with you.

Travel Adapter by JBL


If you are an avid traveler, then this is a must have in your traveling bag. It comes with different types of plugs which are suitable to plug into them in different nations according to the type of plugs they use along with 2 USB ports. This adapter can support up to 3.1 amps which charge the devices in quick mode. It also has a micro USB inside the box.

Rappo V20 Optical Gaming mouse

It is available in various colors and looks pretty good. This supports dpi switching from 250-3000. It will indicate through RGI indicating light whenever you change the dpi. 6400 frames per second image processing speed along with 60 inches per second tracking velocity. It also has controlling buttons along the side near the thumb which let’s you control them smoothly and costs around Rs. 1000

These are the top 8 tech items and gadgets that are below Rs. 1000 which makes your work much easier.