hard drive reset

You have some classified files on your computer hard drive and you wish to keep it secure. What will you do? You can protect your files from piracy or theft by setting up a password for access. This way, your files will be under protection and you will not be under stress. But, one day, you realize that you forgot the password! What will you do now? You can call a computer expert for decoding the password. This sounds easy but, it is not that easy. Breaking into the computer is not an easy job and most of the experts agree with this opinion. In this case, you can consider about using some tools to crack you hard drive password. These tools does not guarantee the outcome but, they are worth trying.

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Tools to Crack Hard Drive Password

HDD Unlock Wizard

This is one of the most used software for unlocking a hard disk. You can use HDD Unlock Wizard to unlock both types of hard drives- SATA and PATA. HDD Unlock Wizard has a user friendly interface. It is widely used all around the world because it has the capability of unlocking the hard drives protected by the master keys. If it can remove the master keys, user keys will be an easy job for HDD Unlock Wizard. The only drawback is that it will erase all the data on the hard drive after the work is over.

Victoria HDD

Victoria is a product by a Belarusian programmer that can be used for various functions. Victoria HDD can be used for checking hard drive errors, hard drive parameters, etc. The main advantage of Victoria HDD is that it is a very light software and it produces results very fast. Apart from unlocking the hard drive disk, it can be used for detecting errors and thereby, correcting them.

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Ultimate Boot CD

Ultimate Boot CD is a free software that is available for Windows and Linux systems. The main functions of the Ultimate Boot CD includes hard drive troubleshooting, hard ware functions testing, hard drive disk management, etc. You can reset the partitioning of the hard drive, in addition to the resetting password of the hard drive. If your hard drive have some major problems, you can clone the data on the hard drive and save it somewhere else.

Hard Drive Reset Tools

Trinity Rescue Kit

Another commendable software for both Windows and Linux systems. It is similar to the Ultimate Boot CD in terms of its functioning. You can reset your hard drive’s and Windows password using this software. Troubleshoot your drive, clone hard disk data, reset the partitions, etc.

These were some software you can use to crack the password of your system’s hard drive disk. Do let us know in the comments if you used any of these tools. I hope you liked this article. Keep following us for more recent updates on Technology.