Facebook trending system was late this week due to social media protest. Tesla’s Elon Musk annunciated a new solar roof panel which eventually changes the consumption and usage of electric power and Instagram trialed shoppable bags. Google launches Tango. LinkedIn launched new feature salary. iOS 10.2 with new emoji.

These are trending this week on tech

  • Elon Musk, Founder and CEO of Tesla revealed new solar roof panels. These will inspire the world to use green power. Along with it revealed new powerball 2.0 battery unit which carries double the energy storage. The solar roof tiles are in 4 variable styles. They are transparent to sun to absorb solar energy but are impenetrable at an angle. These are not just fashion statements and could be more efficient, cost effective and durable.
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Solar roof panel
  • Samsung is not going to quit after the smash of its note7. It is now focusing on Galaxy S8. Samsung promised discount or replacement to the users of note7 though. S8 is featured highly with AI service, optical finger print scanner, better camera and new design.
  • Apple announced MacBook Pro which ignored touch screen and introduced touch bar, terming as touch functionality. With this new feature everyone is trying to make sense out of which feels useless.
  • Facebook faced monolithic protest as its trending system has failed which exploded them totally. ‘Standing rock’ was the controversy. People were supposed to check in at standing rock to confuse the Morton County Sheriff’s Department in their attempt to target individual demonstrators attending oil pipeline through tribal lands of historians.
  • LinkedIn, the largest professional network launched new portal, ‘salary’ which explores how salaries vary by industry, company size, education level and field of study. This enables users to track the salary for a particular designation around the world and shape their future accordingly.
  • Google launched its Tango smartphone augmented reality system finally. It’s available only on Lenovo’s Phab2 Pro which arrived in US stores very recently. You have to wait a while to see it in android phones in the coming year or later.

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Google tango

Some more trending

  • Instagram desire to incorporate shopping experience into its app without interrupting the browser window’s scrolling. So it is testing ‘shoppable tags’ on pictures. With the hidden feature behind ‘Tap to view products’, retailers can tag products to their pictures. To make your shopping experience more comfortable, instagram is trying its best.
  • Microsoft as a preview launched its Teams called Slack competitor which pulled all its tools into a single platform allows users to have access to meetings, planner, chat and notes. Microsoft launches this feature not only in its Microsoft phones, but also in android and iOS phones.
  • Lazada took from Alibaba a $1 billion investment and confirmed that it is spending $30-40 million earlier this year to buy RedMart, Singapore based online grocery statup.
  • The US retail giant Amazon trying to strengthen its roots in Asia. It is currently not offering its services in Southeast Asia and making it happen to launch in Singapore in the first quarter of 2017.
  • iOS is introducing new emojis to its version 10.2. They include croissant, astronaut and with some redesigns. Older emoji are no more now. New emoji are introduces with a style replacing older ones.
trending in iOS this week
iOs 10.2 emoji
  • Noted iPhone hacker George Hotz, who later turned entrepreneur cancelled his product comma one. Comma one is his first official product of autonomous driving startup. It allowed some cars gaining with aftermarket add-on with auto-pilot highway driving assistance ability.
  • Facebook has 2 major highlights with their earnings. One, its third quarters wide success, earning $7.01 billion revenue and $1.09 on EPS. The other include disappointment of GoPro as it missed expectations of revenue by 23% which is nearly $75 million.