If you are thinking about copying up your documents from Android devices to the MAC/PC, you know that it is a fairly simple job to do. Simply connect your Android device to the PC using the data cable and then simply perform drag & drop operation to copy-paste your files and folders. But what if you wanted to do all this wireless? Yes, you can transfer your data from the Android to the MAC/PC via a wireless method also. This new process is called Flash transfer technique in which your Android device acts like a wireless Flash drive. This is a fairly easy to use method. Sounds interesting?? Want to learn this Flash drive technique? Just read the article.

Steps To Transform Your Android into a Flash Drive for PC or MAC:

  1. First, you have to install “Pocket share: Flash Drive/NAS” on your Android device. This app could easily be found on the Google Play Store and I recommend you to install it from there only.
Turn Android into Flash drive
Pocketshare App

2. This step is only for Windows Users. MAC users do not require to perform this. Now, you         need to go to the settings menu inside the Pocketshare app on your Android click on             Configure Windows option. After that, you have to get up the URL by saving it from the           prompt message.

3. Open saved URL on your Windows using a web browser and you will find some listed files       from proceeding page. Select and download the                                                                     “pocketshare_windows.bat” document. Rename the document to “Pocketshare.bat”     and run it on your windows. Also Grant all the permissions being asked there. If you notice     that after running the file your Windows flashed and gets disappeared, simply restart your     Windows and you set up for the Wireless sharing.

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4. Make sure that your both the devices (Windows/MAC and Android device) are connected       to same Wi-Fi network. Now, open the Pocketshare app and the server will start                   consequently and you will have to choose your PC’s name on the Devices tab in the               Finder’s sidebar.

5. In the event that you are using Mac or PC, go to the My Computer where you see a               network drive named “Pocketshare”. Double tap the drive to open it. So, now you can           easily transfer your files and folders to your Android device from PC/MAC or vice versa           from the Windows panel.

6. The files transmitted from PC can be checked or received in the Files tab of the                     Pocketshare app. You can now open it up and also even save it to the storage device in         your device.

Flash drive


Lo and Behold! You now have an awesome wireless method to transfer files from Android to your PC/MAC by converting your Android into a Flash drive. So, if you haven’t tried this technique yet, don’t think! Just go and give it a try and I guarantee you it will work.

Comment below to let us know if this worked for you or if you are facing any issue in following up this method. Also comment your other tech related issues and we will try to solve them for you too.