You can literally turn black & white images to color images. Yes, if you are wondering on how to re-color your old and gold memories, then you got the right options here. All you need is your old black and white image, which you are willing to turn into colorful image, all with your smart device.



Turn black & white images to color images

Here we discuss some soft wares which allow you to turn black & white images to color images. Simply follow these techniques to create wonders with your old black & white images.

Adobe Photoshopadobe

Photoshop by adobe, takes your pictures to the next level. It is one of the most widely used soft wares available these days by many professionals to add effects to your existing images.

You can do almost anything to everything to your images with the help of this software tool. Just install it on your device and create wonders with your images and learn the basics on how to use this tool.

Colorize Photo


This web app can bring new life to your old memories. You don’t have to be a professional to use this web app. Just select the color which you would like to apply to the black n white picture and apply the color to the picture directly. It’s that simple.

You can choose both the picture to be colored and the color you are extracting from the picture. The user can change the opacity, brightness, hardness of the pictures.

Colorize It


This application is very easy to use. Just move the slider along the color bar which you would like to apply to the black & white image. After finishing with all the coloring, you are able to download the edited colorful image.

Just select the image from your device. Click on the colorize option available at the bottom of the image and start coloring with your favorite colors and enjoy.


Using any of the above-mentioned three applications, you can turn black & white images to color images. However, these are not just coloring apps but are far better than coloring apps. They can edit pictures of your type.