Twitter published his semiannual transparency report today and it shared stats on how it carries on to take care of terrorist content. In general, since August of 2015, the business has removed over 1.2 million accounts that encouraged terrorism. Throughout the second 50% of last year, it suspended 274, 460 account for this reason, which is slightly less than what was removed throughout the very first 50% of 2017. Twitter notes that it’s seen a decrease in these sorts of removals across 3 reporting periods and it attributes that pattern to years of hard work making our website an undesirable place for all those seeking to promote terrorism .

Of those accounts which were removed between July first and December 31st last year, 93 percent were flagged by Twitter’s internal tools and algorithms. Around 74 percent have been suspended before tweeting, stats which are in line with Twitter’s report from the very first 50% of 2017 as well. Government reports of violations are still on the decrease. Last Sept, Twitter reported that authorities originating accounts accounted for less than 1% of removals. Now they account for less than 0.2 percent.