Twitter is shutting vine

Vine, the service founded in the year 2012 acquired by Twitter is  a video sharing service where people can share 6 second video clips is announced to be shut down sooner. It is an entertainment app where videos get fast and aims to give really big message. Vines makes people to create trends and makes an influence to particular tradition or culture which are funny that makes you laugh.

The company announced that though the service is going to be discontinued but the vines will stay running, we all will be able to download and have access to our vines. Twitter wants to keep the vines live because it is important factor to save all the incredible vines that have been made by the people. There are many vine employees who get laid off the job because of the shutting of vine announcement. As vine faced hard competition against the competitors like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, these competitors are rapidly growing faster and smoother much more than vine did.

The vine app once get outstanding business to twitter, over 100 million people watching videos every month such as sporting, celebrations and other highlights(traditions) were shared in a small loop. But users dwindled in the recent months .Social competitors like Instagram, Snapchat made it difficult for twitter to stand out instead they banged the twitter far more backward.

Vine, which was once loved by the creators is now flopped up with the start up of videos on Facebook and Instagram. It has dropped to no 284 in top charts of iOS free applications from the 100 no. at the beginning. Though it is ranked no 24 in photo and video apps category but hasn’t placed in the chart of entertainment since the starting 2015. the downloads declined to 55%, So the company debt under heavy loss which paved way to close the vine app.

Vine was acquired by Twitter even before its launched date and became  the top app just in 6 months on iTunes stores with more than 200 millions users active on the app, but in recent months the graph instantly dropped down.  The company layoff 9% of the workforce, it avoid telling any details about the discussion held in the meeting. When asked about the exact dates and closing down of the app vine, the company said that sooner all the information will be provided to users on Twitter blogs by official Twitter account.

Nowadays, twitter is laying more emphasis on live streaming rather than short looping video. Twitter has already unite live streaming to service, alerting the users if they follow someone it goes live and it’s also doing great job in doing partnership to live televised content with the help of some known organisations like Bloomberg etc. Twitter launched a live streaming new video service Periscope, which has hindered the app Vine. After a news of shutdown, the Twitter bombarded with distinct reactions with many creators to mourn on the closing of their favorite 6 second video.