It is not only the likes of Facebook and Google who’re clamping down on cryptocurrency advertisements. Twitter has confirmed an earlier rumor by announcing plans to ban most cryptocurrency associated advertisements in the near future. The constraints will insure first coin offerings, crypto pockets and token sales, as well as most crypto exchanges. There is no timetable for the ban in the ban at this point. The company had stated it was preventing cryptocurrency reports from interaction in deceptive fashion, but hadn’t gone so far as to institute a ban. It is not shocking that Twitter will crack down on these advertisements.

Many initial monetary offers are insecure and upset, and in the extreme conditions are outright scams out of fraudsters who spend contributors money on themselves. Tokens, pockets and exchanges frequently have a tendency to be volatile, too. With Facebook and Google, Twitter probably doesn’t wish to risk either the bad public image associated with flaky cryptocurrency partnerships or the potential for enabling financial crimes. You might not find the social site allow most advertisements until there is a stronger set of principles protecting prospective investors.