Blogging is like painting. Every single stroke of words has to be calibrated in a perfect position in the article just like every stroke of colors in a painting to produce a quality art. But, the quality of this can be increased by using right blogging tools.

So, below we are providing you with the ultimate blogging tools list. You can use it for your reference and augment your as well as your readers’ blogging experience.

I have categorized the list and have listed the top 3 blogging tools in each category. A short description for each tool is given for your reference.

The Ultimate Blogging Tools Guide:

  • Content Idea Generating Tools
Blogging tools
Blogging Idea Generating Tools
  1. BuzzSumo: Enter any website or any topic to search for the most trending ideas out there.
  2. Google Trends: Check for the currently trending and hot topics or keywords.
  3. Quora: Search either with a keyword or asking questions for unlimited ideas


  • Title Generator Tools
Blogging tools
Title Generating Tools
  1. Headline Analyzer: The best Title generating blogging tool out there. Tosses the best title for your blog contents.
  2. Blog Title Generator by SEOPressor: Just add a keyword and the type, you will have hundreds of title ideas ready before you.
  3. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator: Either generate new topic ideas or find one for your blog posts using this tool


  • Desktop blog editors
Blogging tools
Desktop Blog Editor Tools
  1. Open Live Editor: Arguably, the best Windows desktop editor where you can publish directly from your desktop.
  2. Blogo: A WordPress supporting Desktop publishing tool for Mac.
  3. Thingamablog: An open source blog editor plus feed reader combined into one awesome desktop application. It runs autonomously of any blog host and is used for posting to FTP or SFTP blogs.


  • Proof-reading Tools
Blogging tools
Proof-reading Tools
  1. Grammarly: Can be used for proof-reading, suggesting words etc. It is a boon for people with weak English.
  2. Ginger: One of the best proof-reading blogging tools out there. Comes with Sentence Rephraser and Grammar Checker that takes care of your grammar.
  3. PolishMyWriting: Copy and paste the article on the PolishMyWriting website. All the errors in the article will be shown in three different colors to you.


  • Image/Video capturing and Editing tools
Blogging tools
Camtasia Screenshot
  1. Snag it: One of the best and most recommended image capturing and editing tools for both Windows and Mac.
  2. Camtasia: Offers a one-month free trial and works on both Windows and Mac OS
  3. TubeBuddy: One of the best blogging tools for video bloggers and YouTubers as it can double your YouTube channel topics! Really!!


  • Analytics Tools
Blogging tools
Analytics Tools
  1. Google Analytics: The best tool available to analyze your website traffic in an advanced way. Shows live traffic also.
  2. Clicky: It is my personal favourite because of its user-friendliness.
  3. Piwik: Open-source analytics software you can download on your desktop. They also offer a hosted cloud version named Piwik Pro.


  • Outsourcing
Blogging tools
  1. Fiverr: Use this tool to buy social media likes and outsource YouTube videos.
  2. oDesk: Hire virtual assistants and freelancers to get your job done.
  3. Freelancer: A premium website to hire professionals to get your any kind of works done.

So, this is the first part of our Ultimate Blogging Tools Guide. The list will be continued in Part 2 where I will list the blogging tools for handling some of the more technical aspects of your blog posts.


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