WhatsApp is the most ultra popular instant messaging app today. We can keep in touch with our friends and relatives using it. We can share our pics, videos, files with individuals or in groups in WhatsApp. WhatsApp even allows you to call anywhere in the world free of cost be it an audio or video call. It is easy to use and can be used on any smart devices. Opening an account on WhatsApp is easy too. You just need an active phone number to register for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp account

We think we know WhatsApp very well. Since it’s so easy to use, we have the knowledge of all its features and functions. But, there are still many tricks and hacks one can employ to make the most out of WhatsApp. You can use them to increase your experience and convenience of using WhatsApp and unlock some awesome features of it.

One of such cool trick is having a WhatsApp account without number. Interesting, isn’t it? But how is it done? Don’t worry! We got it covered for you in this article. Just read it till the end.

How to have a WhatsApp account without number?

Follow the steps given below:

  1. Start by downloading the WhatsApp messenger in your device and install it for having a WhatsApp account.
  2. If you already have a WhatsApp account, delete and download a new WhatsApp again and install it again.
  3. Now, enter your name but keep the mobile number space empty. We will verify the number in a different manner here.
  4. Now, go to Playstore and download the Text+ app in your device. This app will help in verifying your mobile number in this operation.
WhatsApp account

5. Install the app and then open it. Now Go to “Settings” and select “Contacts”.

6. You will get a number for your personal usage in there. Copy and paste the number in your WhatsApp

WhatsApp account without number
Get the number on the app

7. Click on “Continue” to start the verification of your mobile number.

8. You will have the code on the Text+ app. Use it to complete the verification.

9.Rejoice! You now a WhatsApp account without any mobile number.


So, now you know the trick. Give it a try and have a WhatsApp account without any mobile number. Let us know if it worked for you or not in the comments below. Also, post your tech related issues and queries in the Comments and we will solve it for you.

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