Because of open source nature of Android, there are no restrictions to the features developers can add in their apps themselves. And so, users are always continually searching for ways to make the best of their Android phone. And we have one such trick for you too.

If you are sick of waiting for your downloads to finish, we have a super solution for you. When you download something, your phone gives you an option to pick between your mobile data and WiFi connection. The default setting is both of them.

However, most users don’t have any idea that you can change this setting and can at the same time use up WiFi and mobile data simultaneously to boost your download speed. Your phone will therefor use both WiFi and mobile data to download files at a faster speed. So, no more just sitting around waiting for your downloads to finish. Read this article completely and take your Android experience to a whole new level.

How to use WiFi and Mobile Data Simultaneously on Android

Step 1: At first, download and install Super Download.

Use WiFi and mobile data simultaneously
Super Download Booster

This app is accessible on the Google Play Store in 2 versions. The first is a Paid App. The other one is actually a LITE version but has a limit of 50 MB. I will recommend trying out the LITE version first to check whether this guide works for your phone or not.

Download the Super Download Booster from below.


Download the Super Download Booster LITE here

Step 2: Give Admin authorizations.

It’s also called SuperUser permission in some device.

Step 3: Go to settings of the app and ensure that Dual network has a check mark on it.

Step 4: Copy a link from your browser for any file you want to download. And then use Super download to paste and download the content.


You can get highest download speeds if the WiFi and mobile data are used in combo.

If you are facing any problem in following the above steps, tell us about that in the comments. And do tell us if it worked for you also.

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