Google’s smartwatch platform, Wear OS, is getting several upgrades which should make interacting with Google Assistant more convenient with watches utilizing the platform. Bright suggestions will soon be incorporated, so whenever you ask Google Assistant a question, it’ll automatically populate a series of follow-up questions which are contextual to the conversation. If you asked about the day’s weather, for instance, Google Assistant will return that info, then suggest other inquiries, such as tomorrow’s weather, which may be tapped on.

In addition forthcoming, if you ask Google Assistant to tell me about my daily life, it is going to talk answer back to you within the watch speaker or via Bluetooth headphones, giving you information such as your commute times and what is on deck for the afternoon. Formerly, these answers might only be displayed on the face. Last, Google has announced that Wear OS watches can encourage 3rd party actions with an assistant. Actions are the small things Google Assistant may make, built by Google, developers, publishers, along with other third parties. Including things such as locating a photo in Google Photos, or participating in a meditation session with Headspace. Bring Actions to Employ OS watches means it is super easy to do things such as Use the voice command to turn on a harmonious oven while unloading groceries, or test on when the next train is arriving. Google says these new features will soon be rolling out to Wear OS by Google watches within the next several days.