WhatsApp fingerprint

I hope no one need introduction to WhatsApp as this is one of the most used messaging application worldwide. A piece of good news for WhatsApp Android users is that the Facebook-owned messaging app is going to introduce WhatsApp fingerprint authentication. With this, the user has to use their fingerprint to open and use the application. The more secure way to be safe. This avoids the unnecessary access to your private data without your permission, which one finds a great deal about.

Let us get into more details about the new feature in the lower section of the article.

According to the sources, this new authentication process is under review for Android users for now and later will be introduced to iOS users too. To enable the WhatsApp fingerprint access, one needs to have an Android device with fingerprint access on their device.

How to enable WhatsApp fingerprint authentication?

WhatsApp fingerprint

To enable the feature one needs to go to the settings à Account à Privacy section of the app and have to enable fingerprint under authentication access. It will then ask to confirm your fingerprint. If you already use the fingerprint sensor to unlock your device, you can continue with that or else you can also register the new fingerprint for the application.

Remember one can enable this fingerprint access to the app and not to any particular chat. Enabling this feature allows users to protect their private data from thefts. Every time the user tries to open the app, he/ she need to verify the ownership through fingerprint once the feature is enabled. For Android with Marshmallow version and later, the feature will be available.

Earlier the authorities of the app tried to work on the biometric authentication methods like both face ID and touch ID for iOS, but for the unknown reasons, it was disabled by default.

The Facebook-owned company to soon introduce a new feature on the world’s favourite messaging app that WhatsApp fingerprint authentication for more security.