Dark mode

In recent times, dark mode is in the limelight as every app is having such a feature enabling. This makes the app more user-friendly by reducing the data and power usage of the device. WhatsApp too is following in the footsteps of many other apps and is all set to release this to the Android users. WhatsApp is one such app which continuously releases, new updates for its users for their convenience. They always listen to their users and tries their best to follow the good and useful among that feedback.

WhatsApp dark mode

In the last year, YouTube and Facebook launched their respective dark modes. This year at the very beginning, Facebook-owned WhatsApp is now rolling out the dark mode feature soon to its users.

dark mode

Dark mode is all about making the app user-friendly even in a dark room by reducing the background app brightness. Enabling this makes the app more usable and does not hurt the eyes even after extended usage in low- light situations. The new reports suggest that every WhatsApp user is going to have a dark mode soon.

Reportedly, the feature will come soon to both iOS as well as Android devices. Like all the features the same will first be seen for iOS users and later will be released to Android users.

In recent times we have seen the hugely popular YouTube dark-mode feature which took the app by storm in the trending list for a long period. Even users like this feature as they can avoid being hurt by the light the device produce when one opens the app in the dark.

The awareness of the usage of the devices is increasing consistently with the help of social media.  So the developers are listening to the users and trying to update the app accordingly. Ultimately, users are the one who uses the app and has to face issues if any.