WhatsApp is going to make a big shift to its popular delete for everyone, feature which allows users remember their messages. WhatsApp currently allows you to delete a message for everybody within 7 minutes. Soon, you’ll be capable to delete the messages until 4, 096 seconds, which is approximately 68 minutes. A new feature is currently available to users of all WhatsApp. To be specific, this function is part of the beta version of WhatsApp 2.18.69. Aside from the elongated timeframe for recalling a message, the beta upgrade also comes along with the capability to forward Stickers, an impending addition to the IM platform.

Note that the majority of the features tested under beta versions don’t automatically make it to the final version. In addition, the most recent upgrade to delete for everyone, feature is available only to Android beta testers while iOS upgrade Is likely to arrive shortly, reports WAbetainfo, an internet site which on a regular basis monitors the beta upgrades to WhatsApp. WhatsApp’s Delete for Everyone Workarounds. Delete for Everyone, was one of the most wanted features on WhatsApp. It allows users to delete a message delivered to the wrong contact or a bunch. The concept is quite comparable to the self-destruct messages available on several other IM applications like Snapchat and Facebook Messenger. Since the roll out of Delete for Everyone, there were a number of workarounds to bypass WhatsApp’s new feature. For example, if somebody has chosen your message on WhatsApp before you can delete it, then others may still see the first message, making the Delete for Everybody feature ineffective.