Android is one of the most popular operating system and now, it is growing faster than even iOS. There are a lot of articles outlining the pros and cons of iOS and Android, and each one of them ends with a conclusion that Android devices are much better than iPhone. Despite that, Apple products always gain ground faster than Android ever does, be it a new smartphone, laptop, or iPad launch.

So what’s the reason for this irrational loyalty of Apple fans to their brand? Why do Apple fans prefer to stick with the brand? Thus, going against the trend, today we will discuss five points of eminence that iOS has over Android.

1. Consistency

There are very few iPhone models launched in comparison to Android smartphones. Power of choice is only beneficial when it’s a meaningful one. Innumerous choices in Android from multiple manufacturers results in subpar user experience for many.

2. Bloatware

Bloatware are the unwanted pre-installed software that takes up disk space and memory. We often come across articles about how to remove bloatware from Android devices. This is because Android OS comes with a lot of bloatware. Whereas, iOS devices are free from all kinds of pre-loaded carrier software. You won’t find a single piece of bloatware on iPhone or on any other Apple device.

3. Reliability

The latest versions of Android are more reliable and stable. However, they still can’t match iOS 8 or previous versions of same. iOS rarely crashes or freezes up. Many Android devices with 3-4GB RAM freeze frequently, whereas, iPhone with even 1GB RAM rarely crashes.

4. App Store

Both iOS and Android have over 1 million applications in their app store. However, most of the time iOS is the first choice for launch platform of new apps. For example, it took two years for Instagram to come up with its Android version after its launch for iPhone. Developers have mentioned the OS fragmentation in Android as the primary reason behind this.

5. Loyal Fan Base

Apple users always feel like they are a part of an absolute club. Apple fans always buy new products of the brand. Whereas, when it comes to Android, countless choices are available for customers. As a result, Android users change their phone more often than iPhone users.

So these are five reasons why iPhone is still preferred by many users over Android. Did we miss out anything? Tell us in the comments section.