There have been many Chrome OS apparatus with touchscreens, but there have not been pure tablets. You’ve always had a connected computer keyboard as a fallback, until today, that’s. Acer has unveiled the first Chrome OS tabletcomputer, the Chromebook 10 tab, and there is nary a computer keyboard to be found. The 9.7 inches slate is aimed at squarely at education, where the all touch entered and mild weight might make it a better match for younger students. Appropriately, there is A bundled battery free Wacom stylus that allows children draw and take notes. The rest of the specs won’t blow you away.

There is A Chrome OS oriented six center, Rockchip made the OP1 processor, 4GB of Memory, 32GB of expandable storageplus a 2 megapixel front camera plus a 5 megapixel rear shooter. The most cutting edge feature is really a USB-C interface that may charge other devices in addition to the tablet itself. Instead, the real appeal Is Chrome OS itself: it provides schools a secure, Google centric tablet that runs Android programs and may be easily managed. Acer will ship the Chromebook Tab 10 to North America in Apr for $329, and also to Europe, the Middle East and Africa in May for &euro, 329. Do not expect to purchase one yourself, however. Acer is just making the pill available to commercial and instruction clients For the time being, at least, this is about competing for class room share that would usually Go to fundamental Android tablets or iPads.