wordpress plugins

WordPress gives you advantage of using plugins. These WordPress plugins help you maintain your website without going deep into coding. If you are new to WordPress you can search for any plugins under the dashboard. Once you are able to search a plugin of your choice, Activate it and configure settings as per your need. Some plugins are available in the plugin directory, others may need to be installed manually. Most of the plugins are well configured and do not require changes in settings.

Below given is a list of essential WordPress plugins for Your blog.


Akismet is used to avoid spam comments. Many spammers target you with spammy links connecting to link farms. Many of them redirects on sites serving prohibited content. This may penalize your website. Akismet performs the job of keeping spammers at bay. You need an API key to activate the plugin. You can get this key by logging in your WordPress account.


JetPack comes with multiple attributes. This plugin do wonders. All you need is to enable or disable modules as per your requirement. Find the list of activities it support.

  • It lets you share your post on social media platforms.
  • It also let you create contact forms and other forms.
  • You can create links to related posts using JetPack.
  • It offer Blog Analytics. You can have complete traffic growth and insights data to see all activities done on your blog.
  • It secure your website against brute attacks and unauthorized activities.
  • It optimize images, hence, reducing the page load time.

The list don’t stop here. You must have this plugin installed. Also, let me add it do not conflict with plugins.

SEO by Yoast

It is another powerful plugin which comes for free. It assist you with ON-Page SEO, keyword optimization, check crawl errors, generate sitemaps for your website, editing htaccess files for jquery and configuring robot.txt file. This lets you accrue search traffic.

W3 Super Cache

It is a free plugin that comes with caching options. Caching is required in order to increase page loading loading speed. Reduced page load time is good for your website. It generate html files without processing php scripts.

WP Smush it

It compress the images for faster loading without hampering the image quality. It facilitates bulk image compression. You don’t need to do it one by one.

Social Warfare

It help you share your post on social media platforms in one single click by implementing social media buttons in your website.


It is a free database and file backup plugin which enables you a complete backup for entire website. After installing BackUpWordpress you can sleep peacefully with the fear of loosing your data or files.


PuSHPress is for novice bloggers who have issues with indexing of their blog pages. This plugin assist in faster indexing of your blog pages by calling a ping to cloud servers.


It is a Google Analytics plugin to give you clear picture of every activity on your website. You can see how people use your website, The resources from where they come, demographics, bounce rate, popular posts, Goal tracking etc.

Google Adsense Plugin

It allow you to insert Google Adsense to your posts and pages. You can set parameters of ad displaying, colors, size of space allocated to ads, ad format etc.


Clef allows you password free login on your mobile device. You only need to scan clef wave. It features strong authentication and comprehensive login protection.

MailPoet Newsletters

This is again a free plugin that lets you create and send newsletters, post notifications via automated emails. It makes one forget MailChimp etc by capturing subscribers with a widget and importing, managing the list.

I have listed above the best possible WordPress plugins. Yet, much depends on what you need. There is an array of plugins out in the WordPress plugin directory itself. Make a wise use to enhance your blogging efficiency and keyword position in search engine result pages.