If you’re hoping to start a blog — or spruce up a current one — you might think about hunting down tips and tricks on the web to help you. This is undoubtedly a decent place to begin, particularly considering the sheer amount of information available nowadays.

One thing to remember though is that not all advice is solid counsel, and there are a few rehashed tips that just don’t stand up while considering the nature of today’s Blogosphere.

The following are three tips about writing blog posts that you should simply ignore:


  1. Avoid Long Posts

It’s not a surprise that the general population’s capacity to focus is shorter nowadays: Individuals share their thoughts in just 140 characters or less on Twitter and get their social dose through quick instant messages. This is the reason many blog specialist’s advice that you keep your posts as short and swift as possible. This is completely false though.

If you require a high measure of words to say what you need to say, attempt to split it up visually with the goal that it doesn’t show up as overwhelming for those looking through. You can do this with pictures, subheadings, and visual cues.

  1. Design on a Dime


Worst Blogging tips
Design on a Dime

Some matured bloggers may think back about the day when they began their now-clamoring blog; and exactly how shabby, exhausting or difficult to-explore their first site plan was. They may even let you know that the look of your new blog doesn’t make a difference if you have great content, since that is all you’ll have to get through the shred. In today’s day and age, however, site design is essential.


Same as breaks and pictures will make a long post less demeaning on the eyes; a site design with a lot of white space will guarantee that readers don’t turn out to be outwardly overwhelmed. This applies whether you’re selecting from free formats or working with a designer to make a customized one. Settle on a plan that attracts the eye to the content, not far from it.


  1. One Platform is Top dog

Maybe you’ve decided to have your organization’s new blog on Tumblr. Now, you sit down to lunch with a social-media minded companion of yours and share the news. He/She goes silent. “WordPress,” he at last says, “is the best platform. You’ve committed an error.”

You may not encounter such a situation; however numerous bloggers will tell you that “x” platform is your best choice. However, with such a large number of blog platforms available today, there’s no real way to say which one is the definitive champion.


Blogging is one of the more personal forms of online networking or social media. When seen as a type of self-expression, it’s anything but difficult to see why there’s no obvious way to the perfect page — not everybody’s message is the same. The most ideal approach to building a blog that reflects your identity while at the same time attracting readers is by concentrating on the message you need to get over, and then using the best post length, outline, and platform for doing so.

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