Google has declared that users in the united states will be capable to send or request money from the contacts on their own Android device or iPhone simply by giving Google Assistant a voice command that begins with Hey Google. You can ask your Google Assistant to pay your mates back with Google Pay. You may easily send or request money from your contacts for free – utilizing the wizard on the Android and iOS phones in the United States, Sam Kansara, Product Manager, Google Pay, wrote in a blog article late on Thursday. To get started, simply say Hey Google, ask $20 from Sam for the show tonight or Hey Google, send Jane $15 for lunch today and allow your Google assistant does the rest, Kansara added.

Users who don’t have a Google Pay account will be prompted to set one up a very first time they wish to send money. Google said that in the coming months, users would be capable send money to dynamically activated speakers such as Google Home as well. Transactions made through Google Assistant would need authentication beyond your voiceprint to send money, either with their Google password or fingerprint, according to The Verge. The technology giant hasn’t made clear if the new feature will be rolled to other nations, such as India. In the mean time, Facebook possessed WhatsApp also tests a brand New payments feature in India which aims to allow individuals to send money to their buddies on the program. The feature is currently in beta, but has never been publicly declared because it isn’t widely available currently, TechCrunch had reported.