YouTube has 1.8 billion individuals enrolled viewers every month without counting on any individuals who see the massive video support without logging into. It is extremely important to me and also to everyone in YouTube that we will grow up responsibly, Wojcicki said on Thursday, speaking in a NY presentation for advertisers known as Newfront. There’s not a playbook for how receptive platforms function at our scale&hellip, it’s essential that we are on the right side of history” . YouTube has been struggling for more than a year to balance the requirements of its advertisers with their users anticipation for creative freedom.

Last year, a cry about advertisements running next to porn movies sparked an advertiser boycott. When YouTube responded by harshly pulling advertisements off videos that were sensitive, it ended up outraging some uploaders who lost their money making power, an event dubbed Adpocalypse.” . The absolute scale of YouTube, 400 hours of video have been uploaded to the website every moment, makes it difficult for the company to stay ahead of misuse. But that massive scale is what makes YouTube attractive spot for advertising, the base of its revenue.