Android is no doubt the best stage for mobile apps which include a wide range of categories on premium bases. All these categories include both paid and free apps. And though many of them are free to download, but many more are paid applications. It depends on the designers to distribute the apps as paid or as free apps.

But, everyone can’t afford to buy all these complex and advanced apps by paying for it. And though free alternatives of all these apps are many a time present in the app store, sometimes we really need these paid apps because of their advanced and complex features. So, today I will tell you about the 3 best ways to get all (or most of these) premium apps for free. All you need is a good internet connection and some free space on your device. Here they are –

1st Method – Using Blackmart Alpha

First of all, you need to download an application name Blackmart Alpha. This app provides most of the premium apps in the market for free. Blackmart Alpha has almost all paid apps in its list from where you can download them as free apps.

free apps for android

  • Download Blackmart Alpha from here.
  • Install it on your Android device. If the app is not functioning on your device, try searching for the latest .apk file of Blackmart Alpha from Google.
  • Open the app now and search for the app you want in the search box.
  • Now, just download the app on your device from the link given there.
  • The app will be working smoothly and that too for FREE.

2nd Method – Look For .apk File of the Paid Apps

In this method, you need to download apps from some well-known sites which contain .apk extensions of apps and then transfer them from PC to your device.

Below is the list of some sites where you can get these .apk files of the premium apps:


You can search for more such sites on the internet.

  • Open these sites and hunt the correct name of the concerned app. In some sites you can search them like “Name.apk”.
  • Now download the apk file and open it. Download the app from the apk file on your device now.
  • Install it now and see the paid apps work like the free apps


3rd Method – 3rd Party App Stores (Amazon Underground)

Some 3rd party app stores offer premium apps for free. You simply have to complete some tasks or install their own service apps. They either provide the apps for free or offer huge discounts on these apps.

Amazon Underground

Amazon underground app provides a huge number of paid apps for free. So, just install amazon underground on your device and take advantage of this great opportunity.

Download amazon underground from here

free apps for android
Amazon Underground

Some other Apps Providing Free Apps

  • AppGradis
  • Freeapps

Apps Offering Huge discounts on Premium Apps

  • App of The Day.
  • AppSales

So, these are few working techniques using which you can download paid applications for free on your device. Do give these amazing methods and apps a try and you won’t be disappointed. Also let us know below if we miss something in the comments below.