A latest research shows that about 40% of mobile users have Ad-Blockers installed on their device. It may sound nice and normal to you unless you are a blogger, a site owner or earn your income online. And if you think this doesn’t make a big difference to you since you are earning huge, it is time to wake up now! Because this love for Ad-Blockers will increase tremendously in the future. And even in present, you can earn at least 20% more of what you do now if you can take down the entire visitor’s Ad-Blockers. But, is there any way to stop these losses occurring due to Ad-Blockers by tearing them down? There is one indeed! And it is Anti-Ad Blocking solutions or Anti-Ad Blockers.

Impacts of the Ad Blockers

The ad blocking solution named Ad-Blocker plus has been downloaded in over 100 million devices! Yes, a hundred million. Do you have any idea what this means if you are a site or a blog owner? It means no matter how high quality contents you produce, you won’t be earning a single penny if your content is being opened in these devices.

Anti-Ad Blockers
Rising popularity of Ad-Blockers

Now, imagine a future where almost every person has installed an Ad-Blocker software or app on his device. It means maybe the only way of your source of income is dead. No matter how good your content is. Is this what you want? Of course Not!


The Rise and Popularity of Ad-Blockers

The salt in the wounds of the publishers is that the Ad-Blockers are becoming more popular day by day. But, have you wondered why? I mean, what induced the readers/users to install Ad-Blockers in the first place?

Let’s try to understand it from their perspectives. Imagine you opened a site for something and instead they keep providing you pop-ups over and over and over again every time you click on something. Would you like it? Will you waste even a single more second on the site? No!

But, what if the content is exclusive and very difficult to find somewhere else? Then you will search for a method to filter all those ads. And that’s where Ad-Blockers come into the play. We ourselves are responsible for this in a way actually.

So now, is there a solution to this problem? Is there something we can use to check the decrease in revenue due to these Ad-Blockers?

The Rise of Anti-Ad Blockers

Anti-Ad Blockers are softwares designed to bypass the Ad-Blockers by bypassing the source code of the blockers whenever they encounter it. This means that the users are shown ads even if they are using blockers and you get paid for it like you would have normally.

Different Anti-Ad Blockers softwares function differently. For instance, ClickAdu hosts a specific zone code into their ads. Whenever the system identifies an AdBlocker, the zoning code gets activated and it bypasses the blocker. And the ads on your site are shown to your visitors despite them using Ad-Blockers. They display pop-up ads but in a more convenient way so that Visitors will never get bothered by ClickAdu ads.

On the other hand, PageFair allows publishers to show ad-blocking users ads in a magazine-like manner. They are non-animated and do not attract users’ attentions the way many online ads do.

The Decision is YOURS now!

According to the estimates by the London based research firm Ovum, publishers suffered around $24 billion in losses due to Ad-Blockers in 2015. So you can guess the scenario in 2020 only. For now, only 20% users use Ad-Blockers which are expected to grow upto 50% in 2020-2025 only.

Will you keep suffering losses because of this or will you do something against this curse on our business. Just go ahead and take advantage of these Anti-Ad Blockers systems. Act now before it’s too late. Share this post with all your buddies who are in the same profession. Help us reach out to more and more publishers and let them know that they can earn more than what they do now.