iPhone SE

Numbers and perceptions do not lie in most of the cases. One more example to prove this is the case about Apple iPhones. In the recent estimates, with its new iPhone SE, Apple does not have the best times to meet the high expectations that consumers, analysts, and the markets have had. The sky-high prices and US-China trade war played a major role in the seizure of the market.

The major problem stands here is its iPhone SE model. This particular model of the iPhone was sold out within hours for only a few hours on its official website. Irrespective of the price tag they carry, until the end, there will be a set of buyers for Apple’s iPhone. Gradually a lot of its consumers now feel it does not command the premium it charges. The only solution, for now, is iPhone SE which solves the major conundrum with relatively less price with powerful specs.

Here are a few  reasons why a newer iPhone SE variant might well be the answer to Apple’s problems:

First gen iPhone SE was a grand success

Two years ago when it was first launched, it offered an extraordinary recommendation. All the strong factors and powers along with the powerful processor are rolled into one.

The cheapest iPhone is priced much higher than the most expensive Android devices

Apple launched iPhone XR with a relatively cheaper price starting from Rs. 76,900. According to Apple, it is the most sorts after iPhone model. Yet it still costs a bomb.

iPhone SE can improve sales in the world’s second-largest market, India

iPhone SE

Price of the device matters a lot in India, as it is one of the price-sensitive markets. With the new iPhone, the dynamics of the company could change in the Indian market.

Cost reduction tends to justify

Apple incorporated a very good LCD with iPhone XR; however, it is still an LCD display. With spending Rs 76,900, one expects the best out of the best. Cost-cutting measures are not emphasized too much with a lower-priced phone.

A good option for the first time Apple buyers

Apple still is the most powerful and aspirational brand in the market is the undiscounted thing. Still, many feel that it is a snub for its high prices. This new model of Apple iPhone SE can change all that happens and is a considerable option.

The ideal way to take on OnePlus

iPhone SE

OnePlus model Android phones are the most popular in the premium segment of Android devices. One of the main reasons for this is the ratio of price and specs it possesses. New iPhone SE could be the answer to Apple’s proposal for its rivalry OnePlus.