YouTube is an amazing site. You can surf it for watching any kind of videos, literally. And even if may have not heard about YouTube, you must have seen a video hosted by them if you browse the web or use social media.

And if you still doubt about the popularity of YouTube, you need to know that an average of 1 billion unique visitors visit the site every month and almost 6 billion hours of videos are watched on it.

Though everyone knows a great deal about YouTube, it’s always smart to know some secret tips and tricks about it just to show-off your friends or looks cool. So, I am about to tell you some of the coolest YouTube tricks out there for you to try.

  • Beam Me Up Scotty

You will like it if you are a Star Trek fans or Wookie. This one of the super cool YouTube tricks is a betoken to Star Trek and its fandom.

YouTube tricks
Beam me up scotty effect

Just go to and type “beam me up scotty” without the quotation marks. And you will get a screen with streaks of blue making it look like the screen is being beamed. And we know, every Star Trek fan will surely love it.

  • Use The Force Luke

There’s always a strong rivalry between the Star Trek fans and the fans of Star Wars. And the next of the YouTube tricks is a homage to the Star Wars fan and my personal favourite.

Just go to and type “use the force luke” without the quotation marks and see the magic. The screen will start hovering from side to side. It sorts of look like everything is floating back and forth!

What’s more? You can even make it move more vigorously also by swiping your mouse across the screen. This will make all the search results and everything fly from left to right or vice versa.

And to stop it, just search for something new so that it resets the normal YouTube.

  • Do the Harlem Shake

One of the most awesome YouTube tricks! I seriously don’t want to spoil the suspense and fun of it by revealing everything here.

Just go to YouTube and type in “do the harlem shake” again without quotations! Then, just listen to the music and be patient for 15 seconds. What follows is just awesome!! Try it for yourself. You won’t regret it and it’s even cooler when you surprise your friends with this trick.

  • Play Video in Slow/Fast Speed

All the before mentioned tips are just for fun. Now, this trick I am about to mention increases your YouTube experience and is as cool as the previous ones.

You can slow down or accelerate any video on YouTube. This will help you to catch every moment of a fall or speed up the boring parts to get to the best out of the video.

To do this, just click on the small gear icon at the bottom right of the video. Choose “speed” from the range of options there. And now, select anything from 0.25 speed to 2.0 speed. You can always change your mind later on if you want to go back to regular speed also by repeating the process again.

  • Turn on Subtitles in any Video

Another awesome but lesser known fact of YouTube is that you can add subtitles to any video on YouTube. This is initiated by choosing to provide the subtitles at the time of uploading the video.

When you’re uploading the video, click the video manager and click edit. You will notice a CC or “add Subtitles to your video” option there. So just click it and you can type out your subtitles as you watch the video.

Now, when you’re watching a video and want to turn subtitles on, you can hover over the video and tap on the little “CC” at the bottom right. Or you can also click on the settings gear and from there you can turn on the subtitles even selecting or changing the language of it. Cool!! Isn’t it?


So, these are some basic, awesome and cool tricks about YouTube. Now go and show-off in front of your friends and crush to become the cool smart techie of the group. And if you happen to know more such tips/tricks on YouTube, put them in the comments below and expand this awesome list.

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