Believe it or not there was a time when YouTube wasn’t the daddy of all online video sites. It was just a small start-up. But today, it’s hard to see past YouTube, at least when user generated contents are considered. But, are there other YouTube alternative sites out there?

And though there are many other online video streaming sites out there, no one is close enough to compete with YouTube. Such is the domination it holds on the market. But, what if someday YouTube goes silent? Though it is highly unlikely, I am listing you 5 best YouTube alternatives in case YouTube doesn’t remains what it is today somedays.

YouTube alternatives
Homepage of Dailymotion

Dailymotion is a very popular video streaming site, being the second biggest video-sharing site on the planet. It is based in France and was started in 2005, the year YouTube burst on to the scene.

The site feels basically the same as YouTube, with a homepage including trending videos, an arrangement of various categories, and a search bar. Tapping on a video brings up a simple player, but it doesn’t possess the finesse of the YouTube.

Dailymotion is still the best YouTube alternative available to be used by individuals or business organizations. Though it can be called a clone of YouTube, it has been able to create a brand of itself in a YouTube dominated market.

YouTube alternatives
Homepage of Metacafe

Metacafe started in 2003, with two Israeli businessmen starting the site in Tel Aviv. It’s currently situated in San Francisco, and features a change from the YouTube/Dailymotion model to a more-curated platform for unique shortform videos.

The site has a brilliantly different feel from YouTube, and is instantly weighed down by a bustling homepage dominated by banner ads. After that, there are dropdown menus for ‘Movies’, ‘Entertainment’, and ‘Music’, and a selection of various other channels

YouTube alternatives
Intro of Vimeo

Vimeo, which means “video” with “me” stuffed together in middle, is a U.S.-based site propelled in late 2004. It is by no means a direct contender to YouTube, having adopted a more robust approach that puts the onus on quality as opposed to amount.

Though it still is nowhere close to being called a good YouTube alternative (since Dailymotion and Metacafe is already above it), it is a good fresh platform to choose as an additional platform for your business.

YouTube alternatives
Homescreen of Blip

Blip is another site that propelled around similar time as YouTube however it has since strolled a completely different path. Established in 2005 and situated in New York City, Blip concentrates on offering a stage for makers of original web series.

The site’s homepage focuses on this featuring the latest episodes of the web series which makes up the bulk of Blip’s contents. This is a good strategy as users may get hooked and would want to see more of the same series.

YouTube alternative
Videos on Veoh

Veoh is a San Diego-based site launched in 2006. It has changed much since its introduction, now being a subsidiary of Qlipso. It is a strange blend of movies, music, and user generated content.

Veoh homepage is a bit complicated too. It would take anyone a while to get accustomed to it. Most of the folks would just skip over this before trying that nowadays. Far from being called a better YouTube alternative!


Frankly speaking, many people don’t even know these sites exist (apart from Dailymotion maybe) too. As there are very few reasons one would want to leave YouTube and move to other sites, these sites remain in darkness. Still, if you are planning an add-on platform for your organization apart from YouTube, give these platforms a try. Comment below and let us know your opinions about these sites or any other in case you know one.

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