You are hopping from sites to sites on the internet and suddenly you hop into one offering you free stuffs! Crazy and Awesome, right? All you need to do is finish some online surveys of their and they will deliver some smartphone, coupons etc. to you. So you start doing the surveys and after some time which seems like months, you find out that all this was a hoax just to make you finish a survey! BAM!!!

Keep it in mind that almost all these offers are spam. And you must have experienced it once or else you won’t be here probably. You are in the right place as today I will tell you about some methods to bypass these online surveys to download or unlock the stuff you actually had been looking for.

1st Method: Utilizing a Survey Remover Bookmarklet.

Install a Survey Remover bookmarklet on your device. A bookmarklet is a link which you can bookmark in your bookmark section. And now whenever you encounter a site with these surveys, just click on the bookmarked link to remove them.

Get the “XYZ Survey Remover” bookmarklet on the website.

bypass online surveys

After opening the website, click on the star mark on the right side of the link and then you can add it to your bookmark.

  • The best thing about this method is it will work only if the site has some content after these surveys. It won’t if the site is just spamming you and whenever that happens, you will know there is no point in wasting your time on this site.

2nd Method: Using Fake Information Generator

Bypass online surveys
Results of an Online Information Generator

In this method, you will have to go through the survey. But, you won’t have to provide your personal details and it will be over quicker also. Just follow the steps given below –

  • Search for and open a Fake Information Generator tool using any search engine. It will generate a fake contact number, address, name, gender and all that you require to fill in online surveys.
  • Take all the fake info from the website and fill it on the survey.

So just fill the data in the online surveys and you are done. This method too won’t work if there is no content on the site after these online surveys.

3rd Method: Use Browser Extensions to Bypass Online Surveys

Browsers today are equipped to tackle problems like these now-a-days. You can add an extension or add-ons in your browser to bypass online surveys.


4th Method: Bypass Online Surveys by Disabling JavaScript

Online surveys can be bypassed by disabling JavaScript also.

Disable JavaScript in Firefox

  • Open your Firefox program
  • Type about:config in the address bar and press Enter.
  • Tap on “I’ll be careful, I promise!”.
  • Search and find enabled.
  • Right click on it and select “Toggle”. The status would change to “user set” and the inclination will become emboldened.
  • Close the about:config tab.
  • Reactivate JavaScript after bypassing the survey for smooth browsing.

Disable JavaScript in Chrome

  • Open chrome and select settings.
  • Go to Advanced settings in Chrome.
  • Tap on Contents.
  • Click on Do not allow any site to use JavaScript.
Bypass online surveys
Disable the access to JavaScript
  • Reactivate the JavaScript again after the bypassing operation.
So now you know some solid methods to bypass those online surveys next time they interfere in your quests. You can use any of these methods and choose one as a preference which suits you best. Let us know in the comments below if these methods worked for you. Also let us know any other useful methods to bypass the online surveys. Also post any of your problems to us and we will solve it for you.