Nearby Friends feature didn’t turn out as huge success among users as it was expected to, but Facebook hasn’t given up yet and is still trying to help its users meet up with their friends in person.

The precise location-sharing feature “Nearby Friends” was removed by Facebook, which can now only show your distance from your friends in current location.

Previously, you could opt to share your exact pinpoint location with some specific friends or request this from them. It was pretty useful when meeting up with someone in new places, to know where your significant other is.

But, it had its own disadvantages. It created an air of creepiness for products which are relatively privacy safe for location sharing services. Secondly, sharing your current location with someone permanently can drain a lot of precious battery.

You must have noticed that the map has been removed from ‘More’ tab of Nearby Friends. And now, Facebook has confirmed that this feature of sharing your precise location with friends is no longer active. That scrapes the main function of Nearby Friends, making it just a list of people in your neighbourhood.


So now, Facebook has come up with a successor of “Poke,” a new feature called “Wave”. Users will have the option to send a Wave to nearby friends in Facebook and let them know that they’re interested in catching up a little bit.

Nearby Friends
Facebook’s map and precise location sharing feature removed

It’s a trivial way to reach out to your friends without any instant forward message to them.

Wave solves the core problems of Nearby Friends; just because someone is near your current location doesn’t mean they are free right now. The check-in won’t tell you if they are in an important meeting or on a date there, and thus, you can’t be sure whether to drop by or not.

“We are testing a new feature within Nearby Friends allowing people to send their friends a waving hand emoji to say hello and help them meet up. This is meant to give people more ways to express themselves, and help friends interact with one another in new fun and lightweight ways,” said a Facebook spokesperson.

Social networking sites are often accused of making people more isolated behind the screens. Therefore, in-person gathering is still a massive opportunity for Facebook. Users will also get a chance to get face-to-face with people they care about.

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