In her award winning and critically acclaimed book, The God of Small Things, Arundhati Roy talks about the way human beings are the creatures of habits, and it was amazing the sort of things one can get accustomed to. Roy, of course, was speaking in a totally different context however it retains a whole lot of significance among the habits of individuals in the digital world. If there’s one brand which has mastered the craft playing this creature of habit thing, then it’s to be Apple. Ask any Apple user and they will say they are so utilized to the Apple ecosystem they simply cannot get from it.

The Apple ecosystem, of course, gets further empowered if one utilizes a MacBook, an Apple iPhone, Apple Watch. This ecosystem has a brand new addition: HomePod. Even though there’s absolutely no information on when and if the HomePod is going to be released in India or not, the international media and technology experts have given their verdict on the HomePod. As is the situation with Apple products, or rather most technology products, the HomePod also has its fair share of pros and cons.

However, one thing does stand out from the HomePod. The HomePod is the epitome of being utterly caged down from the Apple ecosystem. A brand, Apple has ever aimed, and give or take got it, for that exclusivity. However, through the years, it has not were so tight fisted and enabled 3rd party developers to input its ecosystem. Most lately, WhatsApp was eventually incorporated into Apple’s CarPlay. While both MacOS and iOS are relatively freer and permit access to lots of 3rd party programs, the HomePod allegedly doesn’t do this. $349 or about Rs 22, 500 is a ton of cash for a wise speaker and with the inability to utilize it with hardly any non Apple providers will be challenging for Apple.

At least in India. While there is a growing cult of Apple from the nation, 3rd party services still enjoy greater popularity than Apple’s services. Google Maps is more popular and better than what Apple has on offer. The same goes for Google Chrome. There is also apprehension about Apple’s ARKit and how will it be compatible with some other devices and products to be fully utilize the wise speaker. Price has not been a deterrent for people with fallen hook, line and sinker for the cult of Apple. Look at the sales of the iPhone X even though it’s among the costliest smartphones around.

Therefore, HomePod will not have too much trouble hitting the right numbers. Nevertheless, whether it strikes the right notes with these that are not charmed by the Apple ecosystem will be the Cupertino based company’s biggest challenge