Group chats are best place for mass communication on Facebook. You can discuss things or make plans without having to worry about outside interference. Groups can be kept secret, close or public. The only downside to groups is we have to add each member manually one-by-one on groups. It is a really tedious job.

So today, I am going to tell you How to Add all your friends on Facebook groups by a single click. You may not need this when there are few members on the group. But for groups with large number of members, this is a great alternative to manually adding members one at a time. So to save your precious time and for the sake of simplicity, follow the below methods to Add as many people on the Groups as you want to in a single click.

Just follow the below given methods and steps to achieve the task. They are short, simple and easy to follow. Let’s start then –

1st Method: Steps to Add Friends on Facebook Group by a Single Click –

  • Log into your Facebook account or the account which is the admin of the group.
  • Open the group in which you want to invite your friends/members.
  • Tap on F12 key to open debugger and select console box.
  • Then copy a script given on the link below.


  • Paste the script on the console box now.
Add friends on FB Groups
Script on Notepad
  • Click Enter and the program will automatically start sending invites.

This script is absolutely safe. So don’t worry! It won’t disturb your account, or haggle its security. But, because of Facebook policy, if you have an excessive number of friends, then you may be blocked for spamming. So be careful about Facebook policies for spamming.


2nd Method: Step to Add friends in Facebook Group by a Chrome Extension –

If the above method doesn’t work for you, there is another simple method. Simply use a Chrome Extension.

  • Download the below given extension on Chrome first.


  • Install it and then open the Facebook group where you want to invite your friends.
  • Now click on the icon visible on the top right corner of the browser.
  • The process will start after a while automatically. You just sit back and Relax!!

Follow these methods for your convenience and they will surely be helpful for you. Don’t ponder over spams and traps to waste your time instead. Groups are there on Facebook for private mass communication without having to worry about third eye.

I hope this article is helpful to you. Please provide your suggestions or queries on the comments below. Also do post your problems to us and we will surely solve them for you.