social media apps

Nowadays people are totally addicted to different social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. These people include amateurs as well as professionals. Even businessmen are also the part of such group. Businessmen are engaged with social media not only for entertainment but they can also maintain their brands on social media. Nowadays there are many applications available in the market which can maintain a brand of a business or industry. Below is the list of mobile and social media apps which can be used by one to boost his/her business or industry and build market. Such social media apps can also increase the productivity of a business.

  1. Planoly

Planoly is a mobile app for Instagram planning and scheduling. With the use of Planoly, one can organize his/her visual feed very well. One can plan entire feed for a week or for a month in advance. This is a time-saving app. A preview can also be seen for how they look on Instagram. The facility for the schedule on a specific day or time is also provided by this app. This app sends you a reminder at the time to post.

  1. IFTTT

IFTTT is a website as well as an app which has a huge collection of simple automation recipes and ties different apps together. For example, auto-sharing facility from WordPress to Facebook. Such simple automation is called applets which can save lots of time of users.

  1. Over

Over is a mobile app with the use of which one can create attractive text overlay images for using on different social media. There are two things either upload photographs or purchase the stock photos from their collection. There are varieties of fonts and color sampler tool also available in this app. Color can match easily and effortlessly with the use of this app. In less than 20 minutes, one can create a batch of great visuals.

  1. Facebook Pages Manager

It is very tough to manage lots of Facebook pages as well as to response to each and every comment on different posts of different pages. Facebook Pages Manager is such mobile app which helps you to schedule different types of posts in advance. It also allows its users to access Facebook insights for tracking engagement of users, growth, and reach. Moreover, targeted boost posts can also be created with the use of this app.

  1. Pocket

Pocket is a mind blowing mobile application which allows its users to save different content to read them afterward. Different posts can be organized in separate collections and users can also schedule them when they have time. Pocket is a nice app for keeping the eyes on the industry buzz on your own terms.

  1. Spoiler Block Pro

Spoiler Block Pro is a handy application which allows its users to filter out their Twitter feed as well as block certain content based on the keyword which you add. If you are not interested to get all updates from the conference which you are not attending then you can block them. One can set a blocker for such updates and keep their concentration on those which matter them a lot.

  1. Buffer

Buffer is an effective app which is used to manage different types of social media. This app can schedule, publish, analyze for different networks like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

  1. Echophon

Echophon is a smart app which is used to organize all Twitter feed in very efficient and effective way. This app only shows the unread tweets as well as it can also sync data across different devices automatically. It can also track all ongoing conversation in minimum duration of time. It is a time-saving application for the users.