WhatsApp bowled Facebook and attained the top spot

WhatsApp bowled Facebook and attained the top spot

Now with the advances in technology, the way of communication saw many changes over the last decade. In the starting period, there were only a few social media apps, which ruled. However, as time passes there are many apps available for communication throughout the world. One such app is the only WhatsApp which started ruling the entire social media from its launch.

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg guessed its future and owned it. Now it surpassed all the messaging apps and attained the top spot in the market. One can say that Mark is good in predicting the future correctly. He took a wise decision in adopting it in its early stages for $19 billion when it has only 450 million active users.

Reports of WhatsApp leading the list

When you observe the records of the social messaging apps, WhatsApp has seen the immense surge and surpassed even Facebook in popularity. In olden days, one used to ask the Facebook ID to communicate with their friends and family in social media. Those days are gone now and almost every smartphone user has a WhatsApp account. Now people ask for WhatsApp number to stay in touch with the world.

In September 2018, it has more monthly active users than Facebook in both iOS and Android platforms. The research firm App Annie claims that WhatsApp has kept its lead against the Facebook app since September.

The App Annie reports that in a few markets, like India, U.K., Singapore, Canada, Germany, and Brazil WhatsApp stays at the best. However, it is quite contrasting in the US, where Facebook is leading the chart and WhatsApp did not even make into the list of top 10.

In India, Instagram and Facebook in second and third places respectively followed WhatsApp messenger. The fourth and fifth communication and social apps in the nation are Facebook Messenger and IMO respectively. The decrease in Facebook’s prevalence worldwide can be ascribed to a progression of security issues concerning information of clients on the stage.