Social Media Habits

Millennial are those who grow using the internet. We can say that this technological era is the era of millennials. They are young generation and most important young consumers who can reach easily through social media marketing. New technologies are very important for the emerging brands and millennial are very tightly connected with the new technologies. Because of all these reasons, millennial social media habits are very important matter for a business or industry. Here are different ways how millennial will use social media in 2017. All these ways are predictions. A business or industry can use such predictions for emerging brands.

  1. Ratings will be everywhere

Normally according to survey, millennial love ratings and they mostly trust on ratings and reviews given by other people. The craze of ratings and reviews will increase rapidly in the year 2017. It will be the trend to give rates and reviews for different content in apps, social media. Newsfeed and algorithms will sort and display content on the basis of those ratings and reviews. millennial will trust more on ratings than any other demographic.

  1. Workplace communication will start to shift

Nowadays usage of different social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc is becoming tolerated in workplace. When an employee gets promoted at that time his/her social media usage becomes a professional standpoint. In 2017, the situation will become that employees have to be online on social media for providing support to the visibility of company’s brand. Social media may replace the instance messaging.

  1. millennial will face a choice

Nowadays Facebook becomes a hub for getting news. Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm is very smart and working very well. Because of such wonderful newsfeed algorithm used by the Facebook, people can engage more in this news in which they were interested in past. This produces the “echo chamber” effect.

  1. Overall millennial social media usage will start to decline.

Currently, 90% of millennial use social media as per Infusionsoft. But the research also suggests that in some situation, social media becomes the source of unhappiness for more than half of this 90%. This fact has been recognized by many millennial who practically grown with different social media. Now they are starting to see those platforms which were used by them when they were young. In short, overall usage of social media is getting declined day by day. Some people are also stopping to use social media. According to Pew Research Center, the year of 2013 – 2014 was that year in which the usage of social media among millennial started to decline.

  1. We’ll see new ways to communicate concisely and nonverbally

Today millennial want a great user experience to communicate with each other. Now the trend of using emojis is increasing day by day. At the beginning of this year, Facebook also released the emojis reactions along with likes. This will become very easy for people to communicate. People will have to write less and they will just express their feelings by using more emojis. An entire sentence can be completed by using only just one or two emojis.