Top 5 high paid jobs with no degree

Top 5 high paid jobs with no degree

All one need is money these days to lead a happy life. But with no or low degrees it seems hard to earn for the requirements. But there are some jobs which don’t need higher degrees to earn a fair amount. All you need is some basic stuff. Here is a list of such top 5 high paid jobs with no degree.

Top 5 high paid jobs with no degree

Almost all these jobs pay higher than what you might think. You will realize that not only high qualifications are needed to earn better than many professionals.

Air Traffic Controller

If you are a keen observer and good at communication skills and are active throughout your day, then this Air traffic controller post is for you. All you need to focus on takeoffs and landings of the airplanes and make sure it is safe to land on the runway. The average annual salary would be 122950 USD.

Crime Scene cleaner

If you have a solid heart which doesn’t melt at seeing all those after crime incidents, then this job is for you. All you need to do is to clean the mess over the area, probably using harsh and hazardous chemicals and have to flexible with working time. If you could manage all those then it is a good paid job. The average annual salary would be around 35000-80000 USD.


Believe me, a plumber can earn more than the ones who are white collar officials. As they are in much demand due to the daily usage of household works. F you can be trained and have hands on experience then you can earn around 55100 USD in an average year.

Train Driver

If you can concentrate more, then even if you have no degree you can be paid high for this Train driver job. You will be trained accordingly though. If you can manage your time on morning shifts, then it will be your day of earnings. In general, the pay starts at 61000 pounds a year.

Elevator Repairer/ Installer

Day by day, usage of the elevators is high due to tall, taller and tallest buildings being built all over the world. Definitely they need to be maintained in the same way. Taking apprenticeship will give you experience and you can work on real mode in no time. The average income starts from 45000 USD a year.

If you are interested in any of the jobs mentioned, grab your shoes and start preparing for those related to you. These are top 5 high paid jobs with no degree. By these jobs you will be grown economically even without possessing higher degrees. But one has to work hard to sustain on these jobs. Anyway, planning makes it much easier.