Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 may be the first Smartphone to have Bluetooth v5.0

Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), the board responsible for managing the development and implementation of Bluetooth standards, has recently revealed the terminal details of Bluetooth v5.0.

Samsung’s forthcoming flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8, expected to launch in Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017, might be the first smartphone to come with latest Bluetooth v5.0 standard. For now, almost all flagship devices feature Bluetooth v4.2.

The latest standards are a significant update over current Bluetooth v4.2 oscillation. which is available in most of smartphones and other mobile phones these days. Bluetooth v5.0 features twice the bandwidth of that of v4.2. The wireless range has been quadrupled, and the capacity of broadcasting message has also been increased by eight times. The maximum transfer speed has been increased to 2Mbps. The new wireless connection is also supposed to enhance reliability of IoT (Internet of Things) connection.

Bluetooth SIG added that by 2020 about 13 billion devices are expected to have Bluetooth v5.0. The standard is claimed to be in compliance with US federal security regulations. It also uses low power to minimize the interference with other wireless devices.

Those who have smartphones with previous Bluetooth version don’t need to worry. The v5.0 will also be compatible with v4.0 and v4.2 for low energy devices, and for up to v1.1 for other devices.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is also claims to have optical fingerprint sensor.  It is also claimed to work through 2.5D glass. Sporting PurePrint technology to recognize difference between real and fake fingers, this will help in designing a button-less design.