When Apple released the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in 2016, it sparked a wave of change. Gone was the 3.5mm ancillary headset jack which has featured on countless mobile phones as a way of connecting headphones to listen to music. Connecting a pair of wired headphones to all iPhones since then you will need a pair which use Apple’s Lightning connection, which has its benefits and disadvantages. In the mean time the rise of wireless Bluetooth headphones poses the question: why do I need a wired pair at all? . Well, if you do still want wired then the Philips Fidelio M2L is a Lightning connection based pair of headphones.

It’s their performance over and beyond analogue earphones past to earn them the crown in the digital age? The Philips M2L sport an on ear design, as opposed to over ear cups that surround the entire ear. We have frequently found that on ear pairs could make our ears incredibly warm over long listening periods. Fortunately that isn’t the case with the Fidelio M2L. The fit is quite comfortable, which can be off putting for some, but we found wearing comfortable – and there was no risk of them suddenly slipping off our head. On the right ear is a small switch for volume control that has a small prominence to do it simple to find, instead of having to fumble around.

There is also a mic array built into the headphones – great for hands free calling. A press of the right ear cup will answer and end calls for you. The entire middle section of the right earcup might be pressed to play and pause music, or to answer calls. Obviously, the headline feature of the Philips M2L headphones is the Lightning connection – which is what the L stands for. Philips also makes these cans with different cables, this pair is especially for iPhone users. We have seen older pairs, like the M2BT, which cater for a different user with their Bluetooth focus.

The only real negative we may find with the design of the Philips M2L lies with the cable. It is extremely stiff. Sure, that makes it reliable, however it meant we were sometimes walking around with a big doubt about it. A little flexibility would have been welcome. And just in case you forgot, you cannot charge your iOS device while listening to music utilizing the M2L headphones .