Skills to Improve Your Photography 

                                       “You don’t take a photograph you make it “

Nowadays photography has become an interest or hobby to almost everyone. Everyone care to look good in their photographs .The question is how to take  a good photo ? it’s not a much difficult task, with little labour you can improve your photography.  All you need to do is buy a camera or phone with high quality lenses. Below i have listed some of the solutions,  read them and I am sure they will give you the desired result.


  • The very first step is learn the features and functions of your camera.


Learn the functions of your camera and get better understanding of its working either by learning from the other person who knows the features well or from the catalogue came along with your camera. It will give you more possibilities to open up new functions and use them in such a way to get the desired result and improve your photography.

The best start of leaning is to read the camera manual in very unique manner, but many people ignore them and throw it away assuming it as useless. They don’t have idea that the details given in it are written by professional people. You can take important suggestions of how to hold camera and through which angle a photograph should be taken. Nowadays , many websites also contain valuable information and tutorials from which you can learn latest functions.


  • Capture in better lightning


Photos always come sharp when an object is placed in better lightning. The apertures become low when you take a photo in lightning which improves the quality of your images. Whenever we capture photo in dim lighting it becomes difficult to take perfect shot because the apertures and ISO gets increased which spoil the focus of your camera.


  • Have patience


Sometimes lights are not right and you have to move from your position to take a shot and many a times it irritates you. Enjoy the moment whenever you take a shot as we all know it’s a modern life and things are faster. Don’t panic if the time slows down, never take a photo in hurry as there is a saying “ The faster we live the less emotions is left in the world, he slower we live the deeper we feel the world around us”. So when we take a snap we want our photo to define distinct details to make our photo look like a professional photography. In a hurry no details can be outlined, the process has to slow down to get the desired result.


  • Use a tripod


Taking tripod to everywhere can not be possible, but this is the best thing  which surely slows down everything but it gives the outlined photo. All you need to do is place the object or person level to your tripod level, adjusting can take time like setting the object according to the background and changing the angle of your tripod but you’ll get the sharp image that you cannot take in your  entire life with your bare hands


  • Learn to auto-focus


Learn and understand the autofocus settings, sometimes camera suddenly defocus what you are focussing on, so know it better on what part to focus. Sometimes camera itself gives so focus image especially when taking snaps of a statue or idol. The autofocus depicts the facial features and sharps them itself and get you outstanding shots. The auto central focus aims to give you more creative photo but sometimes your subject won’t get centered. Change your settings to get your camera focus on the centered object. Set it to single-point autofocus mode to get sharp image of the thing that you are focussing on. Also the great thing about autofocus is that your camera even struggle in dim light to get the sharp image.

So, to conclude i would like to say regularly take review about your photographs from your friends or family to get improvement in your photography. Spend some time to local zoo or national parks to improve your focus. Enjoy and improve your photography, do never take it as a burden which you won’t grab.