Cryptocurrencies dropped on Friday, with numerous of the biggest falling by over 20 percentage and Bitcoin falling below $8, 000 and headed for its worst week as 2013, as concerns about a regulatory clampdown internationally sent investors scrambling to sell. The collapse of prices this week indicates that the total market value of cryptocurrencies is down to $385 billion, less than half of the high level achieved in January, based on industry The market value of cryptocurrencies is calculated by multiplying the number of electronic coins in life by their price, but many question whether that’s the proper way to value them.

Bitcoin, the largest and best known cryptocurrency, fell 12 percent on Friday to a two month low of $7, 910 on the Luxembourg based Bitstamp exchange. It’s down over 30 percent this week. The 2nd and third biggest virtual currency, Ethereum and Ripple, have dropped 23 and 31 percent in the past twenty four hours, said. The regulatory pressure is extremely strong and that’s developing a bad atmosphere for cryptos. In the brief term, it is shaking out a great deal of investors, said Naeem Aslam, a London based analyst at Think Markets who holds positions in cryptocurrencies. Retail investors have poured money into electronic coins, enticed by a huge run-up in costs, but regulators who state cryptocurrencies are insecure and hazardous investments are wrestling with what to do.

India on Thursday vowed to eliminate the use of crypto assets, joining China and South Korea in promising to ban portions of the nascent market where prices have boomed in the past few years. Social networking web site Facebook reported this week it’d ban cryptocurrency advertising because many have been correlated with misleading or deceptive promotional techniques, while US regulators have delivered a subpoena to two of the planet’s largest cryptocurrency players, Bitfinex and Tether. An enormous $530 million hack a Japanese cryptocurrency market a week ago has also renewed concerns about the security of the business. Supporters of cryptocurrencies state brief term price volatility is to be anticipated and doesn’t undermines the power and value of the blockchain technology underpinning them. The run-up in prices has mostly was driven by speculative investments. Going back in 2011 and including the present selloff, Bitcoin’s price was halved 9 times on the Bitstamp market before it recovered. The last time was from Nov 2014 to January 2015.